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Ganache galore! October 7, 2010

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Oh, ganache, how I love thee!

Cakes with ganache icing…

truffles made from ganache…

and cupcakes with ganache frosting…

It’s heavenly, this chocolaty creamy gooey bit of sweet stuff.

It’s diverse in its usage, easy to make and practically impossible to mess up. Made it too thick? Add more cream or liquor. Too thin? Add more chocolate. Too sweet? Never!

It starts out with boiling heavy whipping cream on the stove-top, remove from heat, and add white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate pieces (whatever your recipe calls for or whatever you prefer). You can also add Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua or another liquor of your choice to the mix.

I recently made a bread pudding with white choocolate ganache. The texture of the bread pudding was moist, and the ganache added an extra sweetness. It was delicious!

A friend and I spent a recent Saturday afternoon making milk chocolate and dark chocolate truffles. They were amazing!! Sweet, delicate, silky smooth ganache, and our toppings were lovely and creative. Making truffs is definitely a two-person, time consuming task, but it’s so much fun!

Here’s to ganache and the many delicious desserts that can be made from it!