Kenda Williams

freelance writer and journalist – Savannah, Georgia

Contact Information January 20, 2009

If you are in need of a freelance writer, please feel free to contact me at I have experience in both print and online media and in writing numerous types of articles, including but not limited to subjects such as: business, profiles, food, news, non-profit organizations, southern culture, gender, travel and the environment.


One Response to “Contact Information”

  1. Lisa Petty Says:

    Hi Kenda,

    My name is Lisa Petty and I am the editor of a print publication called the Equal Opportunity Employment Journal. We are a job recruitment journal that distributes free of charge to the career centers of colleges and universities around the country.

    Researching the web, I found an article you authored on that I am interested in reprinting in our next issue.

    The title is “Recession-Proof Job Search Tips”

    The article will not be changed or edited in any way, and your name along with any other citation you would like would be included.

    If possible, we would like to post this article on our site as well.

    I thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Kind regards,
    Lisa Petty
    Equal Opportunity Employment Journal
    602-391-5031 cell

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