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Soup’s On! August 8, 2011

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It’s summer, so why am I posting about soup? Well, it’s not just because I’m ready for fall (although I am!). My hubs was in a car accident a few weeks ago and had surgery on his orbital bone and cheek bone. Needless to say, eating soft foods like soup has been about his only option other than indulging in popsicles and smoothies. I’ve been on a mission to find various soups that he might enjoy eating and that I might enjoy making. There are so many soups out there to choose from, so it’s hard to settle on opening a can of Campbell’s.

So far, I’ve made a Creamy Potato Soup, Tomato Basil Soup, and Corn Chowder. A friend of mine brought over a Butternut Squash Soup with Pear, and I have a few other ideas of soups to make…

Taco Soup for dinner!

Tonight, I made this Taco Soup, and it was amazing! Spicy and sweet with the kernels of corn, ranch-style beans, organic diced canned tomatoes, and ground turkey topped with a helping of shredded cheddar cheese, a dollop of sour cream, scallions and cilantro. Perfect summer soup! It’s my aunt’s recipe, which can be found in my Mom’s cookbook, “A Pinch of This… A Smidgen of That.”

My Mom is an excellent cook. You can check out her recipes on her food blog: A Pinch of This… A Smidgen of That. When I was a kid, especially in the fall and winter, she would make a collection of delicious, warm-the-heart soups that could bring anyone out of a cold or just a cold day.

This recipe for Basil Tomato Soup is amazing! I used fresh basil out of the garden, and it was perfectly sweet and aromatic. We enjoyed the soup for several days, along with a grilled cheese sandwich hot off the cast iron skillet.

What soup is your favorite? Do you have a soup recipe to share? Go for it!


One Response to “Soup’s On!”

  1. Cindy Williams Says:

    Yum, Yum! My mouth is watering! Thanks for sharing the recipes and, especially, for taking such good care of Nate.

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