Kenda Williams

freelance writer and journalist – Savannah, Georgia

Success Stories May 27, 2009

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In the rather difficult economic times the world is experiencing these days, it’s nice to write a story about people who overcome their hardships and find ways to be successful at what they do.

Over the past week, I had two stories published about people who are doing that very thing – overcoming the challenges in their lives and finding successful work opportunties.

Meet the Minaya  brothers and read about the million-dollar success they’ve had with their delivery business.

Meet Dr. Frank Lala and read about his job as rehabilitation counselor for the Georgia DOL.

I enjoy writing success stories because I believe it gives us motivation to do our best and take pride in whatever job we have. The rainbow at the end of a rain storm may just be the best picture of success and finding ways to overcome hardships and tough times. I think it’s a great example to uphold in the current economy.


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