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New Moon March 27, 2009

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New Moon is the second film and book in the Twilight series, written by author Stephenie Meyer, and it is reportedly being filmed in Vancouver, B.C. I was in Vancouver last May, and it’s absolutely beautiful there. Vancouver will be the perfect setting for the upcoming film. Here’s a photo of one of my favorite places in Vancouver – Queen Elizabeth Park:

Queen Elizabeth Park - Vancouver, B.C. - May 2008

Queen Elizabeth Park - Vancouver, B.C. - May 2008

New Moon is expected to release in theaters later this year. Catherine Hardwicke, the director of Twilight, did an amazing job with the first film. (Click here to read my review of the Twilight book and movie.) Chris Weitz was announced as director of New Moon, and the lead actors, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, will resume their roles as Edward and Bella.

After listening to the Twilight soundtrack and having several opportunities to see the film while it was in theaters and now on DVD, I thought it would be fun to come up with a few more songs that would fit nicely, too. The music choices for the original soundtrack and film were amazing, especially Iron & Wine’s “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” and Rob Pattinson’s “Never Think” and “Let me Sign.” I also really enjoyed Radiohead’s “15 Step,” which is played in the credits of the movie.  With my love of music, several artists and songs also just seemed perfect for the Twilight film/soundtrack. I also brainstormed a few songs that would be great for New Moon. Here’s how it goes… at least in my head:

More songs that I’d ideally add to the film/soundtrack of Twilight:

“Anybody Wanna Take Me Home” – Ryan Adams; “At the Stars” – Better than Ezra; “Pink Moon” – Nick Drake; “On Ice” – Chris Thile; “Hanging by a Thread” – Nickel Creek; “Dreams” – The Cranberries; “I Want You to be My Love” – Over the Rhine; “Goodnight and Go” – Imogen Heap; “Bend to Squares” – Death Cab for Cutie; “Afraid Not Scared” – Ryan Adams; “The Greatest” – Cat Power; “For Me this is Heaven” – Jimmy Eat World

Songs that I’d choose for New Moon film/soundtrack:

“Here with Me” – Dido; “Trouble” – Coldplay; “Chocolate” – Snow Patrol; “When You’re Gone” – The Cranberries; “Jigsaw Falling Into Place” – Radiohead; “Sleep to Dream” – Fiona Apple; “Pain” – Jimmy Eat World; “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)” – Deftones; “The Shadowlands” – Ryan Adams; “I’m Nowhere and You’re Everything” – Chris Thile; “In the Absence of the Sun” – Duncan Sheik; “Polaris” – Jimmy Eat World; “Everything I Said” – The Cranberries; “No Name No. 5” – Elliott Smith; “The Pharmacist” – Hot Rod Circuit; “For Nancy” – Pete Yorn; “He War” – Cat Power; “I Feel it All” – Feist; “Wolves” – Iron & Wine; “I See Monsters” – Ryan Adams; “Miss Blue” – Filter

Again, this is all just my take on it, but I think at least some of these songs would be perfect… We’ll see, I guess!


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